Hi, I'm just here to post art :)

Some more original character icons! I won't say much about the first 2, but the last one is Chalise Spring Adams! I still need to finish her story-

A random thing I made for some people I know (so the chars aren't mine), prolly gonna make a couple to a few icons after this then continue on a project that's more complicated

Two more icons! Elsa and Jason! Elsa's pronouns are They/Them, while Jason is a He/Him!

They're a part of my soul group uwu

We're back to the norm with Undertale related content! Have some icons that are the sibling duo Butterscotch and Cookie! I love them very much uwu

A more complicated piece and another icon! There's Moral, Coral, and Bexley!

oh look I drew stuff that aren't undertale related for once lmao-

Some more icons! Cuz they're fun to make and don't take a bunch of time! I took a writing break for this lmao.

Def gonna make more in the future! mostly cuz I want pfp material for tupperbox,, .w.


Some random icons cuz yes I wanna participate in the icon trend in a discord server I'm in

was a great break from other things, AND I get to use them as Tupperbox pfps! Win-Win for me!
In order, there's Blackberry, Caramel Cupcake, and Gelato (Light Brown)!! All took under an hour to make :D

I got new ocs cuz y e s - their names are in this soooo- They're for a universe I found recently that I really liked so yeah :)

I'm thinking about drawing these two again (which I'm close to being done with that), then drawing my not as well known ocs- I got a lot so I need to do a lot of planning n stuff :v
I also got some other drawings to finish but ack I want to work on new things qwq

A ref sheet and a request! Whaddya know? The girl is Diana, she's genderfluid and is an oc insert along with her mouse friend Mochi .w.

The human in the request is Clover! He's the Justice soul for a fangame wip called Undertale Yellow. So he counts as an Undertale oc.

I have another spooky piece cuz y e s

I'm posting it now because I wanted to do it today instead .w.
I like drawing this kind of thing actually! It's fun :D

I forgot to post this yesterday whoops-
It's my boi Peppermint! I love him very much he is my son uwu

I have other things in the works! Such as another spooky drawing and a comic that should've been finished by now >:(
also, I do plan to make more art of other characters instead of just undertale related ones eventually, I just need to figure out what I wanna do with them first >w> whether it be updating refs, or making scenes. I'll find something out lol-

I decided to say fuck it and post this- I'm proud of it too :D which is not very common for me but that's not the point- what matters is that I feel proud of it and I want to make more pieces like this in the future when I have time :)

got some refs :D the first two aren't mine at all but I love them so I had to make yet another ref for them. I kinda had too anyway since I want to draw them more in the future and I didn't have a proper ref that had their colors on the side :/ The Papy is named Tang and the Sans is named Mache, they belong to my best friend

second ref is my char tho! Her name is Fruit Cake :D Half demon baby

A ref I forgot to post when I finished it oop- yes it's a new character deal with it :)

I have something very spooky with this char planned (multiple spooky things actually), so I might just not post it since idk how to- spoiler it apart from tags,,
I might say fricc it tho but I don't wanna get in trouble :(

A ref of my main fursona! Because she needed a ref :v

about time I gave her a digital ref smh

Niko Frisk Niko Frisk-

forgot to post this sooner smh

Tusk //TW!! Body Horror!!//

Here's my bby Tusk, I forgot to post it earlier oops- hopefully I am doing the tag and tw thing right-

Something I drew for a friend! I like making character designs :>

Though, I don't think I'm the best at character designing.. I try my best tho!!

I have some new characters now! I have a story that I'm hoping I will finish someday! And Chalise is the MC of it. I love her so much-

Hopefully I'll be able to design her family and draw Tusk in the future. I won't be putting up the doc that holds the story yet, as I rather finish it first- but I'm excited to show it when it's done :D

Also, sorry for not posting that much, school and life have been getting in the way so I haven't had too much time to draw like I want too :(
I have free time on the weekends though!!

just some vent art, I feel fine now but I decided to finish it.

A piece I made for my discord friends, some of them anyway, no shading as I couldn't bring myself to shade it. It's a thank you gift of sorts.

Just a random drawing that I decided to make, cuz why not? :)

have a ref sheet I made yesterday, only posting it now cuz I didn't want too when I finished it.

An older piece, but I'm finally done with it- Basically, someone suggested that I should draw Tails as Charles, so the fusion is named Tarles.

I freaking love Charles-