Hi, I'm just here to post art :)

I have more icons! they're kinda spread out, especially the last one, I had a motivation low and now I have a couple less projects so I might as well make an icon as a break right?

I'm brainstorming some ideas on what I should draw next so,, yay

here's something that I'm considering finished, since I'm having problems working on my older projects, and no im not gonna just keep making new projects just to draw more, I don't want to overwhelm myself.

kinda lazy in some spots but whatever.

Some Oneshot fanart! Since I really like Oneshot :3

I'm trying to work on some older projects instead of just working on new ones the instant I finish one so.. here ya go.

An animation that was finished today :3 featuring my main fursona!
I made this with my friends in mind so.. yeah.

So I have been making icons/pfps, I want to make more in the future because I like making them :3

I have a finished thing, I didn't really want to post it sooner so have it now I guess-

There's some symbolism as well as a reference.. so ye

yes yes it's another one I know- I just wanted to draw my Swap Error and Ink duo that's all-

Might make the backgrounds for these ref sheets just grey whenever I can, it's hard to find the right colors without it clashing with the outlines so,,

Ref sheet, was made as a break from a different piece, that's all there is to it.

I have some plans with certain art ideas but I'm trying to work on one complicated piece at a time as to not put too much work on myself.. hh

HP's hospital unit

I have another scene piece! Hope y'all like it. And hopefully I can make more in the future!

I love my main Undertale AU though,,, heh,, (btw HP is short for Honey Pie)

I got another ref sheet, and I tried the Save As feature instead of what I usually do-

Sorry for not posting much, it's my birthday week and I got some new games yesterday so I was focusing on that. So I might be just playing games for a little while instead of drawing so much-

I definitely should've posted this sooner, but I didn't so take it now I guess-
this took a bunch of time so I hope y'all like it ^w^

Another ref sheet, but I actually do got a scene in the works! I just made this ref sheet as a break from it is all.

I'm close to being done with the scene so hopefully I can finish it soon.. though I have some other things in mind to make as well... ehh..

Banana Sans Banana Sans Ba- For real though, this guy is a Dusttale Sans, someone stop me please-

I have some more refs lined up.. but I might end up making a scene on the side. Gotta update a bunch of refs too =o=

have a thing, was originally made for a bot avatar so that's why it exists :)

h a h new au time- It's called Objecttale! Which is youtube object shows like Battle For BFDI and Undertale mashed together.. I like BFDI.. and some of the other object shows are cool..

I got some other pieces in the works too! So stay tuned for that :)

here's the humans I was talking about :) Justin and Sarah!

I swear I'll make a scene or something eventually- I'm just prioritizing ref sheets right now

something I should've posted last night but didn't, I spent so much time on this piece just trying to fix the brightness so hopefully it looks mostly fine-

In the process of drawing some humans :3

after dealing with motivation issues further, I finally finished another ref sheet! It's my boi Cookie :)

I'm working on his adopted sibling and hopefully I can finish that soon-

just some request stuff, was testing with outline colors! I said I would experiment more in the future so.. hope this suffices.

I got another ref sheet! Hopefully I can make more along with some other random things in the future without motivation dying on me completely.

I love Unit 1 it's an absolute babey that needs to be protected <3

Ok I got a ref sheet- I'm kinda getting back into drawing regularly so that's fantastic

Happy pride month guys! This took a while, but it's finally done! One of my larger pieces hah-

another piece of writing

This is both a test and to show off another piece of writing I have made, it's in a google doc because it's long and I don't want to have it cover up too much.. sorry if it's hard to read, the formatting is eh-

A random piece of writing :)

A Lost Memory
It was a normal day for The Magnificent Sans and his laid-back brother, Papyrus. Sans was excited to try some of Papy's cooking, for he hasn't tried it before! Sans was happily chatting with Papyrus, both in the kitchen.
"How was your day Papyrus?" Sans asked, he had noticed how his brother was acting recently. Sluggish, tired, quiet, his brother was already usually tired, but it was more than normal, and it worried the happy skeleton.
"It was fine. I worked a lot today, but I should've put more backbone into it." Papyrus replied, giving his shorter brother a wink. He had actually worked today, he was trying to figure something out, but he wasn't ready to tell his brother about it yet.
"Papyyyyyruuussss!! You know I don't like puns!" Sans huffed, he was trying to be serious and of course, his brother had to make a joke! Ugh..
"Aw come on, lighten up a bit." Papyrus grinned, setting the pot of food to the side. "There's so many pastabilities just waiting to make 'em."
"UGHHHH-" Sans groaned, but soon became happier noticing that the food was done. "When can I try it?"
"Soon. I have to get some spices first." Papyrus replied, going over to the end of the kitchen for the spices and sauce. "You want any spice in particular?"
Sans had closed his eyes and tried to smell the food, and he was going to reply, but once he opened his eyes, all he could see was white.

PB jolted awake, sweat dripping from his forehead as he tried to get his bearings. Jelly was nearby, painting. PB looked at his hands, he was glitching, more than usual. What was that dream? Was it.. a memory? He didn't know, but it felt very real. He hugged his legs, not trying to be super noisy as to not startle Jelly. PB let out a very quiet sigh, looking over at the TV, he needed to find out more about this dream and why it felt so real. He'd look for answers later. For now, he went on with his day, as if nothing happened.

Apologies for not posting much of anything lately, I got out of the rhythm of drawing and I haven't been able to find the motivation to finish the projects I already have,, except for one that I'm slowly but surely working on,, so,, yeah,, motivation problems,,